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Why McKinney Capital Management

Directing Your Attention to What's Important

Directing Your Attention to What's Important

Becoming an independent advisor doesn’t mean you have to navigate alone. We give you access to all of the tools, expertise, and resources needed to keep you informed and on the right path. 

Our culture gives you opportunities to connect with your peers, foster conversations and gain mentorship opportunities that can accelerate growth and development for your business.

From the moment you join our team, we will work closely to provide you with the direction needed to help you achieve your goals as an independent advisor.

Access Everything You Need To Build Your Legacy 

A Team That Supports & Maintains Your Independence

You will be independent but not alone. Our staff are here to help you achieve autonomy in a way that supports and guides you at every stage in your career. We offer multiple affiliation models to ensure that you have the structure you need to be successful.

Using Our Expertise To Guide You Forward

You will be looked after by a team of industry veterans familiar with the challenges faced by financial advisors. We will steer you along the most effective routes, shaping you into a successful advisor in a manner that aligns with your personal values.

Navigating Daily Struggles with Operational Support

Obstacles are inevitable, no matter how prepared you are. We will show you how to overcome these challenges without draining time, energy and resources, so you can focus on serving your clients and driving your practice forward.

Tech Solutions to Maximize the Client Experience

At McKinney Capital Management, you can leverage our extensive range of innovative technology to improve your financial services, including MoneyGuidePro and market intelligence from Cetera.

All The Practice Management Tools At Your Fingertips

Human Resources

With assistance from our HR team, you will excel in recruiting, training, and creating ongoing professional advancement to build and maintain elite teams

Back Office Support

Our back office support simplifies administrative tasks, from tech setups to regulatory reporting. This will allow you to focus primarily on your business operations and maximizing the client experience.

Practice Development

We offer resources to develop a practice that consistently adds value to your clients,  from fully equipped office and meeting spaces to convenient amenities.

New Client Onboarding

Access all the tools required for streamlined client onboarding so you can build meaningful relationships from the get-go while minimizing errors.

Our Services: Built on Core Values

Your needs are our top priority in every action we take, reflected in our core values. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve what truly matters to you, embracing and supporting these values to support you the best way possible. 

Approachable & Collaborative

We want all new members in our team to feel comfortable and valued, creating a culture that's approachable and inclusive. Our down-to-earth approach encourages collaboration and open communication.

Educational Approach

Education is what nurtures growth and what reveals the pathway to a successful and independent financial advisor. Through close collaboration, we will maximize your potential by sharing our wealth of knowledge. 

Genuine Client Connections

We are committed to building authentic, long-lasting relationships that’s built on value. Our team is behind you and are driven to help you achieve your goals as an independent financial advisor. 

Always do the Right Thing

Our guiding principle is to always do what is right. When we act with integrity, we trust that everything else will fall into place. This pledge allows us to focus on meeting our clients' needs above all.

Build An Enduring Legacy On Your Terms

Join McKinney Capital Management now to take one step closer to independence now. Access a diverse range of tools, resources, and expertise to accelerate your progress. Then, protect your legacy with a partner who puts your clients' needs first, offering contingency and succession planning to ensure your clients are taken care of.

We're excited to partner with you and turn your vision into an enduring legacy. Reach out now, and let's start this journey together.

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We work with hard-working professionals located in the Greater Houston area and beyond to help provide them with a roadmap to their financial goals.

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Our team builds long-term relationships with a down-to-earth perspective that clients can relate to, always going to the nth degree to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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