How to Live Lavish on a Lean Budget

How to Live Lavish on a Lean Budget

It is easy to get jealous of people who live luxurious lives, especially with social media. You see their designer clothes, incredible vacations, expensive dinners, nice cars; the list goes on and on. In a country like the United States, we love our premium goods but not everyone has the budget for it. There are several ways to live lavishly on a lean budget. Keep reading to learn how!

Rental instead of Retail

When planning on going to an important dinner or party, instead of purchasing designer clothing, take a look at renting. Purchasing designer clothing that you may only wear once can burn a major hole in your pocket. Consider renting designer clothing from companies such as Rent the Runway. These companies offer affordable options for someone who wants to dress to the nines without the cost.

Outlets and Consignment Shops are your new Best Friend

You can find some incredible deals on premium goods at outlets and consignment shops. There are even upscale consignment shops that are specifically for luxury items. Many times you will be able to find like-new and barely used items for a great deal. Outlets can have sales up to 70% off the retail price of items.

Save on Travel

Traveling is one way to live a lavish lifestyle, but it can also be very expensive. Vacationing with friends and family can help ease the cost by being able to split costs on accommodations and some travel such as a rental car. You can also search for the off-seasons to travel to different locations for cheaper flights and accommodations.

Search for Wellness Deals

A major way that people splurge in their lives is through fitness and wellness. Every week there seems to be a new type of fitness class or a new spa treatment. It can be very expensive trying to afford even a fraction of these activities. Lucky for you, there are many coupon sites such as Groupon that offer deals to local spas. If you are more interested in fitness, many places have trials such as a free week to get customers in the door.

Look for free or cheap entertainment options

Instead of splurging on expensive tickets to concerts and shows, try to find cheap options such as shows in the park or festivals. For museums and galleries, look for days they have discounts to get a good deal. Entertainment can eat up most of your budget, so aim to find fun experiences locally.

Quality over Quantity

When shopping, buy quality items that you can use for a long time instead of purchasing several cheaper items. For clothing, buy quality staples that you can use for a few years. Overall, it will be more cost efficient than buying several of the same cheap item.

You do not have to break the bank to live a lavish life. Use these tips to help you live the lifestyle of your dreams within your budget.


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